Star Spotting: Lady Gaga Reads Rolling Stone With Herself On The Cover. META, Dudes

Credit: @PabloMonster18

Why does this not surprise us at all? Lady Gaga was spotted out and about reading an issue of Rolling Stone -- the very issue that featured HERSELF ON THE COVER. (Or maybe, as that Sharpie in her hand would have us believe, she was signing it for a fan? Nope, it's more fun to talk about Lady Gaga reading about herself.)

Let's be honest, though: This is one of the least wacky things that we've seen Gaga do in public. The woman is trying to make blue armpit hair happen, people. Her reading about herself probably only ranks in at like, a 4 out of 10 on the "How Weird Can I Get?" scale.

On an unrelated note, how bomb is that 101 Dalmatians-meets-The Flintstones blue pleather power blazer?! I could totally use something like it for my next Ladies Who Have Almost 12 Million Twitter Followers And Can Wear Whatever The Eff They Want Luncheon.