The Buzz On: Sleeper Agent

For a group of kids in their teens and early 20s, Kentucky sextet Sleeper Agent has already proven to be adept students in both rock history and brash swagger. Exhibit A: "Get It Daddy," the raucous, pounding lead single, which gets its title from an impromptu exclamation said to a friend of the band while, uh, making a different kind of music (don't make us spell it out).

The group met in 2008 in their hometown of Bowling Green, Kentucky, but caught their first big break when fellow Kentuckian band Cage the Elephant took them out on the road this past spring. Since then, they've been prepping for the fall release of their debut album Celabrasion, a throwback rock album that channels classic groups like T. Rex and The Rolling Stones -- "Shuga Cane" could be a B-side from Exile on Main St. -- while showing love for shambolic modern groups like Black Lips and early Strokes. The riff to "Get Burned" could have found a home on the latter's debut album Is This It?, while "Love Blood" pulls a 180, recalling 1960s girl groups The Shirelles and The Shangri-Las as filtered through scuzzy guitars.

Sleeper Agent is the band you stumble upon in some Southern bar at 3 in the morning and wonder why they're not famous yet. They're a group of kids barely old enough to drink, yet steeped in the glam and gutter of their musical forebears. It's not polished or glossy, but good guitar rock rarely is.

Celabrasion, the band's debut album, will be released Sept. 27 via Mom + Pop Records.

+ Listen to Sleeper Agent, and watch their new video, "Get It Daddy."