New Video: Hoodie Allen, 'The Chase Is On'

Credit: Diana Levine

In the new video for Hoodie Allen's "The Chase Is On," the 22-year-old rapper combines Asher Roth's "I Love College" video with the split-screen scene from Rules of Attraction, all in an effort to woo 'Skins' star Sofia Black D'Elia.

After getting run up on by two females -- that's just what happens to all rappers in videos -- D'Elia plays hard to get, launching beer-fueled projectiles at Allen and disappearing. When Allen re-emerges at a college house party, his lyrics save the day. We were already impressed by Tea Marvelli, D'Elia's character in "Skins," but we'll give it up to our protagonist for snagging a flashlight from unsuspecting cops and taking off with Allen to some obscured garage.

The former Google employee-turned-rapper left his job at the search giant to pursue music full-time, earning a 2009 MTV Woodie nomination for Best Music On Campus. "The Chase Is On," which flips Chicago pop group Walter Meego's "Girls" into a story of romantic longing, is the lead single off Allen's upcoming album, Leap Year.

+ Watch Hoodie Allen's "The Chase Is On" video.