Swaggest Photos Of Jay-Z & Kanye West

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Jay-Z and Kanye West aren't your typical set of besties. Where someone like myself might be found going to see a movie with my friend, Jigga and Kanye might be found renting out the entire theater just so they can put their legs over the seat in front of them. Or buying an entire chain of movie theaters. Or buying a movie studio. While I might go to a karaoke bar with my BFF, Jay-Z and Kanye might be found in a recording studio, referring to themselves as "The Throne," laying down verses for their hotly anticipated collaboration album, Watch The Throne. The point is, Jay-Z and Kanye West live a life far swagg...ier than everyone else. Which is why we've compiled photos of some of their swaggest moments below.

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Jay-Z's doing what he does best: wearing "All Black Everything" while chilling with one of the swaggest members of his swag cabinet, Oprah. Wonder if he subscribes to her book club?

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Here, Kanye West channels his inner Hugh Hefner as he wears bedroom slippers on the streets of New York. Then again, why am I even surprised? Knowing Kanye's celeb-filled Rolodex, these shoes were probably a Christmas gift to Kanye from the Playboy magnate himself. Also, note his ability to STOP TRAFFIC IN FRONT OF A WHITE MAYBACH.