Big Boi Release Amy Winehouse Tribute: 'Tears Dry On Their Own (Organized Noize X Dungeon Family Remix)'

Credit: Getty Images

Responses to the tragic death of Amy Winehouse have been pouring in from fans of the late singer. In addition to a barrage of fan tributes in the form of flowers and pictures outside Amy's home in London, Winehouse's musician peers have been taking to Twitter to share their thoughts on the untimely passing of this great talent. But, a select few like M.I.A. have chosen to remember Amy through music.

And M.I.A.'s not the only one. The latest of Amy's celebrity pals to hop on the musical tribute bandwagon is none other than super-producer/OutKast member Big Boi. Though it was initially created before her death, in Amy's honor Big Boi leaked a previously unreleased remix of "Tears Dry On Their Own," Amy's classic record off her hit album, Back To Black. Formally called "Tears Dry on Their Own (Organized Noize X Dungeon Family Remix)" Big Boi's urban-tinged take on Amy's retro tune is a bit more stripped down than harmony-filled and energetic original. But given the current circumstances, Big Boi's understated reinterpretation is right on point and still preserves Amy's courageous and soulful vocals.

While nothing can take away the sadness we feel for Amy's premature death, Big Boi's "Tears Dry On Their Own" tribute will certainly help us dry some of the tears we've already shed for Amy.

+ Listen to Big Boi's take on Amy Winehouse's classic "Tears Dry On Their Own."

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