Video Premiere: Ladytron, 'White Elephant'

Credit: Michele Civetta

British synth-pop group Ladytron has always fostered a distinct visual aesthetic to complement its chilly sound. Over a decade-plus career, it was easy to envision the stylish quartet running from whichever concert they had just finished straight to a Fashion Week party. We've got the video premiere of the band's latest track "White Elephant," proving that 12 years on, the band hasn't lost its musical or visual edge.

The video, directed by filmmaker and multi-media artist Michele Civetta (Lou Reed, Sparklehorse, Yoko Ono) is how we envision David Lynch's remake of Stanley Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut. Employing a Fitzgeraldian 1920s motif, the group enacts what we imagined every Hollywood party looked like as a child; its period realism offset by a hallucinogenic, surreal layer and band member Reuben Wu's anachronistic fashion sense. (So, um, he's from the future, maybe?)

As the video progresses, static shots turn to action, with bodies in various states of undress ornamenting the hallways and conjuring orgiastic scenes. Picture a G-rated version of Caligula and you're almost there.

"White Elephant" is the lead single off the band's fifth album Gravity the Seducer, out September 13 on Nettwerk.

+ Watch Ladytron's "White Elephant" video.