PHOTO: Nick Lachey, Jessica Simpson + Beyonce On The Set Of 'TRL' In 2003!

Credit: Getty Images

OMG GUYS! We found this hilarious photo of Nick Lachey, Jessica Simpson and (a very denim-ed out) Beyoncé on the set of "TRL" (R.I.P.) with Damien Fahey from way back in 2003, and we HAD to share. My, how times have changed! Nothing in this photo is the same today! Like sand through the hourglass, y'all.

First, we must state the obvious: Nick and Jessica are no longer a thing. After divorcing in 2006, Nick just recently married Vanessa Minnillo, and Jessica's currently planning her own wedding to fiancé Eric Johnson. Second, we don't think these days Beyoncé would be caught dead choosing an outfit quite so... coordinated. I don't know if you guys are up to par with where the former Destiny's Child singer can be found nowadays (running the world), but girlfriend is usually jet-setting around the globe with her rapper/bajillionaire/husband (and Gwyneth Paltrow's BFF) Jay-Z. To think, she was just a normal girl in a Canadian tuxedo a mere eight years ago... #UPGRADE

So, the moral of the story is: Don't ever get photographed. Kidding! The moral of the story is: It Gets Better! Celebrities and non-celebrities alike all experience ups and downs, marriages and divorces, and matching denim outfits. JK again! The real moral is: This pic is hilarious.