PHOTO: Rihanna Covers Her Assets In Sequins On September's Glamour Cover

Credit: Glamour

Rihanna's probably the only girl in the world who can rock sequined pants without even blinking an eye, (Sick of the "Only Girl" reference yet? Not us!) But seriously, guys. Sequined pants? Good luck to everyone else attempting this feat.

Her signature red hair is on FIYAH here, and Rihanna knew just the right pose to strike to make those seemingly troublesome trousers actually work for Glamour's September issue. With minimal makeup, the Barbados beauty let her natural glow shine through. BRB, stocking up on coconut water.

But Glamour's isn't the only lens Rihanna's been behind recently. Yesterday, the 2011 MTV VMA nominee tweeted the cover art for "Cheers," otherwise known as her toast-loving, weekend-appreciating, adult beverage-guzzling sixth single off her latest album, Loud.

A new single and a major magazine cover in the same week? A massive "Cheers" to that, Ri. (We're so good at jokes!)