Rivers Cuomo Covers The 'West Side Story' Classic 'Tonight'

Credit: Getty Images

Well, this is unexpected. In what looks like a video clip from a voice lesson, Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo delivers a rousing rendition of the Broadway classic "Tonight" from the famed musical West Side Story. Be still, my musical theater heart.

I personally love it when musicians take on a genre that they're not typically known for. For instance, Chris Brown is rapping now, and it seriously doesn't suck. But for the frontman of one of the coolest rock bands around (a frontman who has collaboroated with rappers like B.o.B.) to tackle a Broadway standard? Kind of sounds like it might be pushing it.

But alas, I'm happy to report that Rivers can seriously deliver on the Broadway front. Who knew that hidden beneath layer upon layer of well-produced studio rock albums was a lovely Broadway-esque vibrato just waiting to come out? All he needs now is a fire escape and his own "Maria" (cough, we're available).

But the real question remains: Is Rivers Cuomo a Jet or a Shark?

+ Watch Rivers Cuomo Cover "Tonight" from West Side Story.