WATCH: Mariah Carey's Enthusiastic Appearance on HSN

Credit: Getty Images

Since giving birth to twins with hubby Nick Cannon, Mariah Carey's clearly been way busy. But not so busy that she didn't have time to jump back into businesswoman territory with her Sunday night appearance on HSN. During her two-hour stint on the show, Mariah promoted everything from her self-designed sequined drawstring bags ('cause every girl needs one of those!), to her line of jewelry, to of course, her celebrity fragrance. But her sales pitch seemed a bit, how shall we say, off-kilter.

Before we delve into the specifics of her appearance, I'm gonna urge everyone to let Mariah slide here. I mean, girlfriend was harboring TWO living things in her abdominal region for, like 46 weeks! Maybe she's going au naturel and refusing to hire nannies? So maybe she's sleep deprived? (Actually, no effing way. Mariah's super rich and probably has a slew of nannies.) So maybe she was just super excited about her product line and let her enthusiasm get the best of her? Yeah. That's it.

You have to hand it to her, though: Mariah really tries to sell her wares. She reminds potential consumers that her perfume was perfect for a "fragrant moment," and that if you needed to satisfy a "camouflagian moment" she has just the item for you. And in between lamenting how hard it was to carry twins (her feet got MAD swollen, guys), Mariah began to dictate the appropriate camera angles to the professional camera men. Ruh roh.

Maybe Mariah Carey wasn't HSN's easiest or most laid-back host. But on the bright side, look how much free press she's giving the network! There's always a silver lining when it comes to Mariah. A silver butterfly rainbow lining.

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