The Get Up Kids Cover Blur's 'Girls And Boys'

Credit: Getty Images

Depending on how much you've been following The A.V. Club's "Undercover" series, The Get Up Kids' cover of Blur's Britpop classic "Girls and Boys" is either a huge shock or the series' next logical step. The program, which allows bands to cover a preselected list of songs, has already seen Ted Leo & the Pharmacists cover Tears For Fears, The Walkmen cover R.E.M. and Ben Folds cover Elliott Smith. Now the Kansas City, Missouri, emo quintet has taken on Blur's poppy, bouncy 1994 classic.

The band didn't need to practice too much, as the song has long been a staple during the group's sound checks. "We were playing around with the first verse of it; just sort of goofing around at sound check all the time," bassist Rob Pope says before admitting the band's love of the British rockers. Singer Jim Suptic adopts his best British affectation on the track, while the band, eying each other for cues, gamely turn the synthy track into a guitar-driven rocker. Well, rockier, we suppose.

There Are Rules, the group's fifth album, was released earlier this year on Quality Hill Records.

+ Watch The Get Up Kids cover Blur's "Girls and Boys."

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