Remembering Amy Winehouse

The tragic death of Amy Winehouse came as a shock to her friends, family and fans. Since she was found dead this past Saturday, everyone from celebrities like Adele and Lady Gaga to Russell Brand -- who penned a heartfelt elegy to Amy -- to her fans have been reacting to her untimely passing.

Rory Rockmore, senior designer at Logo and a devout Amy Winehouse fan, created these colorful images of Amy as his own way of paying tribute and remembering her as the bold, vivid, larger-than-life star that her fans knew and loved. He wrote this about her:

Dear Amy,

I heard the news. I know we've never met, but hopefully you know what an impact you and your music had on me and many of the people like me. Your sound was fresh, your words were inspiring and innovative, and your attitude was controversial, rebellious, take-no-s*** and completely badass. You were born to be a star. Now you've got me over here with my rolled-up sleeves in my skull T-shirt listening to every Amy track I've got, and it really hurts to know that this is it, and you'll never hear your music nor see you again. For as famous as you became, it's like we only got a small taste of what you could've been. I hope people see this loss as a way to learn and not another platform for criticism. I mean the way I see it... we owe you. Your music inspired free thinking, confidence and individuality. (You even called out girls for wearing f*** me pumps.)

I hope heaven has enough hairspray to keep you happy. We miss you and will never forget you.