WATCH: The Script's 'Nothing' Video Sneak Peek

Sure, alcohol is bad for you and it can make you do some dumb stuff, but it's also the source of many a great song: Billy Joel's "Piano Man," Frank Sinatra's "One For My Baby," and now adding to that list, The Script's "Nothing."

When the Irish lads stopped by MTV last month for an exclusive Buzzworthy live performance, frontman Danny O'Donoghue confessed that "Nothing" is a song that's dedicated to the perils of drinking and dialing. It's actually more about unrequited love, but everyone loves a drunk dial story.

In the video sneak peek of "Nothing," we see guys of The Script leaving a bar late at night as Danny stumbles around the sidewalk singing about missing an ex-lover while his friends/bandmates try to keep him from falling over (and from being arrested for public intoxication, probably). By the end of the clip, it's pretty clear that the drunk dial didn't turn out in his favor. They rarely do, dude. TRUST.

+ Watch a sneak peek of The Script's "Nothing" video below, and don't miss the full-length "Nothing" video when it premieres this Thursday, July 28, on MTV and!