Our 5 Favorite Quotes From Drake's Rolling Stone Interview

Credit: FilmMagic

Drake's candor is at the foreground in a new Rolling Stone interview, which isn't much of a surprise for the usually open and honest rapper. Though you might not know it because he's super famous and (miiiiight be) dating a huge pop star (cough, cough, Rihanna), Drake is still insecure about his fame and works hard to keep himself grounded.

In the telling interview, the "Marvin's Room" rapper/singer comes clean about why he refuses to work in fancy recording studios and is open about his hefty stash of, how shall I say, "medicinal herb." He also reveals that Take Care, his forthcoming album out October 24, will boast collaborations with Lil Wayne, the Teflon Don himself (Rick Ross), and -- if Drake's prayers are answered -- Florence and the Machine's Florence Welch and The xx's Jamie Smith.

Just a side note: An extra "Thank you" from me to Rolling Stone. I was literally just wondering which Top Chef Drake was into. (FYI, it's Thomas Keller). But anywhere, here are our five favorite quotes from Drake's Rolling Stone interview:

1. On singles (as opposed to full albums): "I hate singles...with this album, I want to tell a whole story. I don't want people to just hear a piece and judge the album on that."

2. On his longtime producer Noah "40" Shebib's recording studio: "This is home. If I'm in a big expensive studio, it starts messing with my head about what kind of music I should be making."

3. On his first album, Thank Me Later: "In no way am I not proud of it, but I think I got caught up in making it seem big and first-album-ish. I was a bit numb, a bit disconnected from myself. I wasn't able to slow down and realize what was going on around me."

4. On his overall approach to Take Care: "The whole process has been about slowing life down and really pinpointing emotions."

5. On the last two lines of a verse: "If your writing is strong enough, those lines dictate what the hook is gonna be about, how you're gonna go into the second verse. You need the exit moment, you know?"