New Song: M.I.A. Honors Amy Winehouse On '27'

Credit: Getty Images

Reactions to the tragic death of Amy Winehouse have been flooding in. Fans gathered outside of her London apartment to commemorate her, and many celebrities took to Twitter to share their thoughts and condolence. But in classic trendsetter fashion, M.I.A. chose to honor Amy in a different way -- through music.

M.I.A. posted an unreleased demo titled "27" on her Soundcloud Saturday night. She offered very little explanation other than declaring that it's "dedicated to all my friends that died at 27." In the world of rock stars, 27 is a dangerous age -- Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain, Janis Joplin and Jim Morrison all died at age 27, making Amy's sudden departure at that same young age even more chilling.

Amid the massive reaction to her posting, M.I.A. later clarified the song's meaning on Twitter: "I recorded this song B4 vickileekx and never put it out. It's a unfinished demo. R.I.P A.M.Y."

While any Winehouse tribute is thoughtful, we love to see fellow musicians honoring each other via the medium the love. Amy Winehouse's death is heartbreaking and she is gone too soon, but as M.I.A's "27" says, "All rock stars go to heaven."

+ Listen to M.I.A's "27."