Star Spotting: Katy Perry In A Bedazzled Smurfette Dress, Because Duh

Credit: Getty Images

Oh, Katy Perry. What would the wacky dressmakers of the world do without you? Katy attended the premiere of The Smurfs movie in New York City last night, and surprise, she was wearing a themed dress for the occasion! Also sporting lighter locks and Smurf-inspired blue eye shadow, the nine-time VMA nominee successfully made a dress with a sparkly cartoon character on it look hot. It's just not fair.

Katy Perry voices the role of Smurfette in the live action film, so it's only appropriate that she was reppin' her girl on her dress. Huge kudos to the dress designer and the team of workers who perfected the bedazzled-ness of Smurfette -- on a scale of one to Kanye, this dress is like, a Liberace. And extra kudos to Katy Perry for always answering the question "Too much?" with "Hell no!"