New Song: Young Jeezy, 'Shake Life'

Credit: WireImage

Remember back in 2009 when Young Jeezy announced the release of Thug Motivation 103, the rapper's fourth album and third in the Thug Motivation series? With the release of "Shake Life," the album's second and most recent single following "Ballin," looks like we're close to actually hearing the full album.

The Lil Lody-produced track, which Jeezy premiered on New York radio station Hot 97 last week, flips Toto's 1978 lite rock hit "Georgy Porgy" into a jazzy beat anchored by a piano loop and electric guitar. As the debt ceiling deadline looms, Jeezy has reined in his lyrical obsession with money to focus on everyday fiduciary problems relatable to most Americans. JK! Snowman still likes to get paid, rhyming, "Supposed to live every day just like it’s your last/Smile at these suckas while you spending your cash/Ball til you fall, how long it’s gon last/The only thing that matters is how long is your cash."

While it hasn't been confirmed when we'll hear all of Thug Motivation 103, the rapper is planning to unveil the album's release date at a New York show tonight.

+ Listen to Young Jeezy's "Shake Life."