Rihanna Heats Up Connecticut: Concert Review

Credit: Gilbert Carrasquillo/ Getty Images Entertainment

I got a chance to check out Rihanna at her Mohegan Sun show in Connecticut this past Friday, July 22, and I don't know if it was the heat or the sexy military theme, but I'm thinking about enlisting in the Rihanna Navy. (Or Army. Whichever will take me.) So if you've never seen Rihanna in concert, here's what went down.

Rihanna may claim to be a good girl gone bad, but the Barbadian-born diva demanded total discipline and control at her eye-popping Mohegan Sun set. With the help of military-themed stage props, including fuchsia-colored tanks and rifles, Rihanna commanded attention from every member of the audience. While chanting the lyrics of "Skin," she pulled up one very lucky male fan from the crowd, laid him out on a platform, and danced on top of him until the pair was slowly lowered below the stage. The man was never seen nor heard from again.

But if whips and chains and combat boots aren't your thing, Rihanna still had you covered. The red-headed songstress showcased her hits (and love of dangerous and sexy set pieces) throughout the night, often surrounded by bursts of pyro and back-up dancers in lingerie. Rihanna kicked off the set in an electric blue trench and pink booties with "Only Girl (In the World)," before disrobing to reveal a Day-Glo bikini for "Disturbia." From there, she proceeded to have about 538 costume changes, mixing eyebrow-raising singles like "S&M" and "Man Down" with gentler ballads like "California King Bed and "Hate That I Love You."

The audience sang along as the pop star beat a car onstage during "Shut Up And Drive" and strutted through party girl anthems like "What's My Name," "Rude Boy" and "Don't Stop the Music," dancing along a moving treadmill and reaching out to fans standing close to the stage. At one point, she sprinted through the audience with her bodyguards and started playing a drum set placed in the middle of the venue's floor.

Rihanna also covered Prince's "Darling Nikki" while wearing a tear-away tuxedo, sang "Love The Way You Lie (Part II)" sitting on top of a piano that was floating above the crowd, and shot glittery confetti into the air for "Umbrella." But before the concert was over, she showed one final side to her: a grateful artist. "Thank you for buying a ticket to the show and letting me live my dream" she told the audience, then launched into "Take a Bow."

Rihanna? We salute you.