Demi Lovato Releases 'Rascacielo,' The Spanish Version Of 'Skyscraper'

Credit: Splash News

What's being deemed Demi Lovato's "comeback song," her newest single, "Skyscraper," is really resonating with both old fans and Demi newcomers alike. The song, released July 12, shot to the top spot on iTunes within hours of its release, debuted in the top 10 on the Billboard 100 and currently holds the No. 2 spot on Billboard's Digital Songs list. Way to go, girl!

Why is "Skyscraper" so huge? Demi thinks it's because so many other pop songs "have become so much about partying and about clubs," according to an exclusive interview with the VH1 Blog. "I think people will get sick of hearing about drinking all the time... I'm not old enough to go to clubs, and I have a hard time relating to those songs." And given that "Skyscraper" is such an emotional song, it's easy to see why so many people have connected to it (My "friend" has listened to it 40 times a day while weeping in the fetal position).

Now, Demi's continuing to spread the "Skyscraper" love -- she's released a Spanish version of the song, titled "Rascacielo." During a live chat yesterday, Demi revealed her album release date (Sept. 20!) and let fans hear her best español. Not only is her accent on point, but "Rascacielo" is equally as beautiful as the English version. Sure, we can't identify every word (lo siento, high school Spanish teacher), but we can still feel the rawness and passion behind the lyrics.

Gracias, Demi. Finally, another song to add to our all-"Skyscraper"-all-the-time playlist. (Don't judge!)

+ Listen to Demi Lovato's Spanish version of "Skyscraper," "Rascacielo."

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