Star Spotting: Courtney Love Sashays, Shantes

Credit: Splash News

Courtney Love managed to tear herself away from Tumblr long enough (we know, it's so hard) to hit the town in London last night. The What Courtney Wore Today webmaster and a friend were seen in London's Soho neighborhood, and the former Hole frontwoman was working that sidewalk like it was a runway. That, or maybe she just had one too many? It's a fine line, really.

You know, since Courtney Love takes fashion photos for her blog so often (and the woman seriously owns some enviable clothes), we're kind of wondering why she doesn't parlay her love for all things sartorial into a side gig or something, à la Lady Gaga's V magazine column. After all, Courtney Love was a '90s fashion ICON. We think the lady knows a thing or two about starting a trend. Yo, Condé Nast, hook this sister up!