Buzz Bites (7/22/11): Tyler, The Creator DOES NOT Want To Lose A VMA To Bruno Mars

Credit: Getty Images

+ The always outspoken Tyler, The Creator is unsurprisingly not holding anything back about his 2011 MTV VMA nominations. The Best New Artist and Video Of The Year nominee tweeted, "IF I F***ING LOSE TO F***ING BRUNO F***ING MARS I'M GOING ON A KILLING SPREE. DEADASS." Tyler! RELAX! (Rap-Up)

+ NOT using f-bombs regarding his Best New Artist nod is VMA nominee Wiz Khalifa. Everything's gravy with the "Black And Yellow" rapper, as he told MTV news: "I think it's really good competition, and it's just a good sign of the new wave of how an artist can come up and get recognition these days." That's what we call "exemplary sportsmanship." (MTV News)

+ Rude! After her drum solo (which was pretty kick-ass, BTW), Rihanna got her hair pulled twice at the Detroit stop on her LOUD tour. How many times do we have to say it: Do not touch the pop stars. CLick through to watch the video. (Idolator)

+ Ke$ha, Lily Allen, and Pitbull are just some of the names being passed around in regards to who might be involved in the making of T-Pain's new album, rEVOLVEr. His good friend Auto-Tune will also be on hand. (Rolling Stone)

+ Although nothing is official quite yet, check out everything fans think might be happening on the set of Lady Gaga's new video, currently being filmed in Nebraska. No offense, NE, but this is probably the most exciting thing to happen to you since... ever? (ONTD)