Fans React To VMA Nominations On Twitter!

MTV is abuzz with all things VMA today, and duh, so is Twitter! The #VMAs hashtag is taking over, for better or for worse.

You guys have been tweeting us (@MTVBuzzworthy) nonstop (the hashtag #vmanominationfailure did not go unnoticed by us!) and we just want to let you know that WE HEAR YOU LOUD AND CLEAR! You certainly haven't been shy about voicing your opinions about your favorite 2011 MTV VMA nominations. And some of you have reserved a special brand of ardor (read: f-bombs) for your reactions to what you consider to be VMA snubs.

Here are just a few Twitter fan reactions to the 2011 MTV VMA nominations.

This is what we like to call "playing nice." With seven nominations, Adele is the second most-nominated artist, and some people on Twitter are hating. So we were pleased to see that @TeamNickiMinaj reached across party lines to praise the "Rolling In The Deep" singer, even though Nicki Minaj's "Super Bass" video is up against Adele's for Best Female Video.

Tons of support for front-runner and nine-time nominee Katy Perry on the ol' Twittersphere. Statistically, she will probably at least grab one of those, right?!

Lady Gaga's ever-reliable Little Monsters are making their mark in our "@ replies," and you do have to applaud them for their vigor. But it's up to you guys to vote! (So do it!)

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I guess for some fans, the nominees don't even matter. We might be tempted to sell our organs to get to the VMAs too, but don't worry -- we'll be there, reporting every last detail. (Not to rub it in or anything...)

And finally, it looks like @LoveMeSomeKesha is pretty pissed! We're guessing it miiiight have something to do with Ke$ha not being nominated for a VMA.

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