Screw Planking, Owling Is So Hot Right Now

Credit: @HilaryDuff/Photodisc

Planking is soooooo passé, guys. Even though everyone (including Katy Perry and Chris Brown) was plank-obsessed only a couple short weeks ago, the cruel and fickle world of random internet trends has dictated that planking is OUT and owling is IN. I know it's hard to keep up, but the internet is kind of like an Urban Outfitters catalog -- just do what it says.

WTF is owling, you ask? Let me break it down: Rather than lying facedown on a random object with your palms pressed against you and your feet pointed downward, owling simply requires the owl-er to crouch down on an object with their knees pressed into their chest and their arms flat against their sides. The result creates a look much like... an owl. And why are people doing this, you ask? Whooooooo knows, but 5,000 people "Like" owling on Facebook, so it must be the start of something.

While there may not be as many celebrity owling pics as there were celebrity planking pics, Hilary Duff is boldly going where other celebs have not yet dared to go by owling on her dining room table. She tweeted, "Didn't wanna hit carmageddon so I'm just owling all weekend!"

I'm wondering if there will ever be a crazy internet photo craze called, like "Reading" or something, with pictures of people holding books over their faces and looking at them intently. That would be so weird!