MERMAIDGATE 2011: Watch's New Pop Music Web Show, 'Bigger Than The Buzz'

That's James Montgomery from MTV News and me, Tamar Anitai from the MTV Buzzworthy Blog. The comical height difference is why we're taping this thing sitting down.

You know that pop-culture-obsessed, know-it-all friend who keeps up with every new band, every music (and cat) blog, every tabloid and every tweet? The one who's high-strung and long-winded and has opinions about EVERYTHING? Well here at MTV, that's basically me and MTV News' James Montgomery! I'm Tamar Anitai, and I started the MTV Buzzworthy Blog. (AND YOU'RE WELCOME!) James Montgomery is MTV News' senior music writer and resident music snob expert, and each week he effuses, muses, rants and waxes poetic in his "Bigger Than The Sound" music column. Contrary to any sort of logic or good judgment, the powers that be here at MTV decided to give us our little web show (thanks, "powers!") where we'll be getting together every week to talk about all of our favorite -- and not-so-favorite -- things happening in pop music and pop culture. The show's called "Bigger Than The Buzz" (and that's a Buzzworthy + Bigger Than The Sound play on words for any of you playing along at home).

For the pilot episode of "Bigger Than The Buzz," we covered MERMAIDGATE 2011, wherein both Lady Gaga AND Katy Perry are somehow morphing into mermaids. And we talked about "Popstar Trishii" (click at your own risk), whose "Kiss Kiss" video is so thoroughly appalling that it makes any music video that any of those Real Housewives Of Wherever made look as artistic as "Thriller." And, since the 2011 MTV VMA nominations will be announced tomorrow (FINALLY!), we placed a few bets on who we think will be nominated for a VMA this year. I cast a not-at-all official vote for Rihanna's hair.

Anyway, "Bigger Than The Buzz" is just starting out. It's a total work in progress (so basically, the next episode will look like Citizen Kane), and we want your feedback. Watch it if you have a few minutes (I swear, it's short!) and tell us what you think of the show. What do you want to see more of? Less of? None of? All of? Basically, you're like our free focus group.

Follow me on Twitter at @MTVBuzzworthy and James Montgomery at @positivnegativ. And thanks for watching's new online pop music show, "Bigger Than The Buzz." We even managed to work in a centaur.

+ Watch's New Pop Music Web Show, "Bigger Than The Buzz"

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