New Video: Rebecca Black, 'My Moment'

Credit: Getty Images

For those of you who thought you'd never have to hear the name "Rebecca Black" ever again, TOO BAD. The infamous "Friday" singer is back with a new song and video, "My Moment," and it's basically her "I'm here to stay, b****es!" anthem. (You can address your "Thank you" letters to "The Millions of People Who Watched the 'Friday' Video on YouTube," c/o The Entire Internet.)

In "My Moment," Rebecca takes us through her rocket ride to fame as the video blends footage from the studio, the red carpet and everything in between. We see her meeting with fans and getting dolled up in hair and makeup, and it all leads to Rebecca's big "moment" at the end of the video -- Rebecca Black's "My Moment," playing at a movie theater. Um, does this mean what we think it means?!

This time around, though, Rebecca's definitely a little sassier than the "Friday" singer we once knew. Gone are the "partyin', partyin'" lyrics as she takes a second to put her haters in their place: "Can't talk to you right now, I'm getting my paper." BOOM. Pretty sure Rebecca Black just SERVED YOU.

+ Watch Rebecca Black's "My Moment" video.