Star Spotting: Demi Lovato Says No To Drugs

Credit: David Tonnessen/

Demi Lovato stepped out to catch a movie with a friend in Los Angeles on Sunday, and she provided us a free PSA while doing so. Looking a little boho chic-meets-'80s biker babe (not mad!), the "Skyscraper" singer appeared happy and healthy, and we were totally feeling her shirt: "The Only Coke I Do Is Diet." Given that taking cough syrup gives us anxiety, we couldn't agree more. Hugs not drugs!

Even though we're not even old enough to be her mom (I'll show you my ID), we're having such a proud mom moment with Demi Lovato lately. First, "Skyscraper" made us bawl like babies (seriously, it was kind of embarrassing). And then we watched Demi's "Skyscraper" video, and we were all "Oprah's final show" about it. On top of everything, she's becoming this proactive young lady who advocates for teens and is just, in general, a really cool chick. Plus, those shades? A+ all around!