Lady Gaga Opens Up To Howard Stern, Warns Cocaine Is 'The Devil'

Credit: WireImage/Getty

They say big personalities clash, so it makes sense that one might get a tad fearful of the outcome when Howard Stern (a man known for calling celebrities out on their crap) interviewed Lady Gaga (a woman known for speaking her mind and letting reporters know when they've offended her.) But the result of Lady Gaga's "Howard 100" interview this morning was an open and honest commentary on her fame and her core beliefs. One belief in particular took center stage, and that was of course, Mother Monster's view on drug use -- particularly cocaine. Though she's admitted to having used drugs such as cocaine during her days performing in New York City's Lower East Side, her foray into the world of narcotics is something she greatly regrets. She warned on air on Howard Stern, "To any little sweethearts that are listening ... don't touch [cocaine], it's the devil."

Gaga also dished to Howard about Lüc Carl, the man sometimes known as her boyfriend but whom she referred to has her best friend. And Gaga talked about how she felt when Britney Spears turned down her song "Telephone" (Gaga was thrilled Brit even considered it) and where she came up with the "Born This Way" concept (in the shower, naturally!)

All in all, Gaga's Howard Stern interview was an open and honest look into the psyche of the world's most famous Lady.