First A Beyonce Nightgown, Now A Steve Buscemi Tank Dress?

Credit: Fashionista

Remember that epic Beyoncé shirt/dress/thing we told you about last week? And how we still don't have one, and our life will not be complete until someone buys it for us (hint, hint -- also, Tamar's birthday is Aug. 7!!)? Well, now we've stumbled across another dress with a celeb's enormo face on it, and it's the face of Steve Buscemi. You know, from Fargo and Chicks With Steve Buscemeyes (shudder).

Listen, guys, maybe it's time we slow down with this trend here. Everything's fairly copacetic when Beyoncé's face shows up on a shirt dress, but when life-size Steve Buscemi's face is coming at you down the street, maybe we should rethink some things. While we're not doubting the sheer awesomeness of this tank dress, we're also not doubting the sheer terror of it (no offense, Steve). But to all the celeb shirt dressmakers out there: Email us when there's a Justin Bieber one. I'm asking for a friend.

Credit: BuzzFeed