Video Premiere: Shaggy, 'Sugarcane'

With a hook that goes, "She likes the taste of my sugarcane," Shaggy could've gone in several different directions for his "Sugarcane" video. And now that we have the exclusive premiere below, we're relieved to see that he's gone for a mini-movie (OK, telenovela) approach, involving a British girl, her mother and various amorous locals engaging in Jamaican hijinks.

It's the classic tale of a vacation hookup: not going home, worrying your parents and bringing your mom down to the island country to find out she left your dad for the first cab driver she saw offering unmarked bags of food. You know, standard stuff. No worries, though. Shaggy is ostensibly contractually obligated to use double entendres in every medium -- we get our deserter's sister telling their dad, "I don't know what's got into her," (tee!), and the mom seductively eating pieces of sugarcane.

Though arguably the best part of any video this year might have to go to Shaggy's "Sugarcane," when the look on the cab driver's face after his girl's husband shows up and seems to say, "Be cool, man. You lost your woman to me. Go have a daiquiri and let her go."

+ Watch Shaggy's "Sugarcane" video.