Taylor Swift Launches Her Own Perfume, Wonderstruck

Credit: WireImage

Taylor Swift is joining the ranks of Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, Rihanna and Britney Spears (and basically every other celeb ever) as she expands her empire for the launch of her new fragrance, Wonderstruck. We think Wonderstruck is the perfect title because Surprised All The Time doesn't really sound like a perfume.

Taylor, who got the name from a line in her song "Enchanted" off of her latest release Speak Now, had this to say about the scent: "Wearing perfume is such a unique way to create memories. Like songs, a scent can take you back and allow you to relive a moment in time." We bet Wonderstruck totally smells like memories. And white horses! And unrequited love! And sparkles! And nothing like John Mayer!

Wonderstruck hits stores in October. Until then, smell your way through our guide to celebrity perfumes.