Star Spotting: Pharrell Launches New Drink, Qream

Credit: Getty Images

Pharrell was a sartorial picture of perfection last night (as he always is) when he was photographed at the launch of his new "ultra-premium cream liqueur" Qream in Los Angeles. It's been a minute since we've heard from Pharrell, but now we might know why -- maybe he's been in the "product development" phase of his new business (i.e. taste-testing booze). We're guessing the sign-up sheets for those focus groups filled up pretty quickly.

Qream is manufactured by the same company that brought us Diddy's successful vodka venture, Ciroc, and the N.E.R.D. frontman was reportedly on hand not only to help conceive the taste of the drink (we knew it!) but also to help with the design of the bottle (seeing as though Pharrell knows a thing or two about looking good). The result: Qream will probably be the swaggest bottle of booze in your bar. (If you're over 21, obvz.)