WTF Alert: Morrissey Mocks Michael Bublé

Credit: WireImage/Getty Images

It. Is. On! If by "on" you mean a pithy comment by one classic crooner aimed at an adult contemporary standards-covering pianist. Former The Smiths frontman, ardent vegetarian and walking quote machine Morrissey opened up to Billboard about label troubles, why he can't tour and revisiting the past. When asked how he decides which Smiths songs to perform these days, the singer answered: "It's a self-regarding gesture. I would find the idea of compiling a set list that doesn't wildly excite me to be too restricting. The fire in the belly is essential, otherwise you become Michael Bublé -- famous and meaningless."

Man, you picked the wrong jazz pianist to eff with, Moz. Bublé released a statement today countering the charges: "If that punk-ass limey b**** wants to roll up to British Columbia and say that to my face, he knows where to find me." Actually, we tooooootally made that up, but how crazy would that have been?!

Who would win in this epic hypothetical battle -- Morrissey or Michael Bublé? Sound off in the comments!