New Video: Asher Roth Featuring Quan, 'Summertime'

Credit: WireImage

Instead of blinged-out private jets and bottles of Cristal, in his new video "Summertime" featuring Quan, Asher Roth takes a more down-to-earth approach to reckless partying, opting for cheap bottles of André and only one hotel room (but it does have a hot tub). In this party vid, Roth is surrounded by who might be his real-life posse, and his notoriously laid-back attitude is at the foreground. Unsurprisingly, the clip is centered around him doing just that -- literally laying back, but in a hot tub full of women, duh.

But ever-responsible, Roth makes sure to slather on some sunscreen in between lighting up what is definitely not a cigarette and tossing around a volleyball. His public service message reads: "Don't you know I'm light-skinned/Gotta use the right s***/SPF 45th/Chillin' in my whiteness." Fair skin REPRESENT!

Though Asher's may not be my version of summer (I'm more of a stay-in-the-AC kinda gal), "Summertime" proves that after you're done with "College," summer break is always awesome.

+ Watch Asher Roth's "Summertime" video.