Preview Maroon 5's 'Moves Like Jagger' Video

Credit: Jack Jeffries

Finally, someone appreciating Mick Jagger for something other than the fact that his name rhymes with "swagger." (Come on, guys, he was only one of the most influential musicians of all time.) In a preview clip for Maroon 5's "Moves Like Jagger" video, Adam Levine showcases his best Jagger moves, and he does a lot of them shirtless, which is A-OK by us. Christina Aguilera also makes a cameo!

Regarding the rock icon's "moves," Levine told MTV News, "[His moves are] a very carefully calculated, but slightly spastic, incredible rhythmic experience, in which all of your limbs and every bone in your body is moving at completely different times, and it's impossible to re-create. Nobody has moves like Jagger. That's kind of the point... That's why the song is so fun -- it's fun to try." But it's not Levine who tries in the video preview.

The short clip features Mick Jagger in all his sexy, spastic glory, working the crowd and singing about how he's got the moves like... himself. But we haven't quite figured it out -- either someone is great at editing archival footage, or we've got an excellent impersonator on our hands. Maybe the full video may reveal the answer.

+ Watch the preview clip for Maroon 5's "Moves Like Jagger" video.