New Video: Demi Lovato, 'Skyscraper'

Credit: WireImage

There's been a lot of hype surrounding Demi Lovato's comeback, and it's safe to say that with the release of her latest video, "Skyscraper," she'll likely live up to it. The song shot to the top spot on iTunes within hours of its release, and now that the video is here, we imagine it staying there for a while. But we should probably warn you, though: This one's a tearjerker.

Set in a vast, open desert, "Skyscraper" is a simple and unadorned video that seems to be an artistic depiction of the former Disney star’s recent and very public personal issues. There isn't much of a plot, and there's virtually no subtext -- all we get is a raw, unfiltered Demi walking through the landscape, belting out her triumphant anthem. There are moments in the video, however, when Demi holds a few piercing gazes, possibly fighting back tears. These raw and real glances into the singer's struggles will undoubtedly pull at the heartstrings of die-hard Demi fans and new supporters alike.

With a title like "Skyscraper," you might expect a gaudy video showcasing Demi towering above the city, kind of like... a skyscraper. But instead, the song's theme takes on a metaphorical role, reminding us just how high the singer has risen and how far she has yet to climb.

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