Star Spotting: Avril Lavigne Rocks An Iteration Of The Snooki Poof

In a departure from her usual long blonde locks featuring some kind of colored extensions, Avril Lavigne was spotted filming a TV interview at The Grove shopping center in L.A. yesterday, and she was sporting a -- we hate to say it -- SNOOKI POOF. While Snooki has done wonders for the shareholders of BigHappieHair, makers of the now infamous Bumpit, she's also helped give new, updated meaning to the term "mall hair." Yet strangely... Avril somehow makes it work.

If you're not feeling the "Smile" singer's new 'do, at least you can always count on Avril's faithful "all black everything" wardrobe. And extra props to Ms. Lavigne for reppin' her clothing company Abbey Dawn loud and proud. Diddy would be so proud.

Credit all images: Whittle/Splash News