Buzz Bites (7/13/11): Jay-Z And Kanye West Unveil 'Watch The Throne' Tracklisting

Credit: Getty Images/FilmMagic

+ Finally, another piece of the puzzle. Jay-Z and Kanye West have revealed the track listing for their highly anticipated upcoming collaboration album, Watch The Throne. Two Frank Ocean cameos plus Beyoncé? We'll take it! (MTV News)

+ It's a boy for Jewel! The singer/songwriter and her husband Ty Murray welcomed son Kase Townes into the world Monday night. Mom and baby are "doing really good." (Rolling Stone)

+ Justin Timberlake chilled out with a brewski at the 2011 MLB All-Star game and had some very nice things to say about America's favorite beverage: "Beer is perfect. Beer never got mad at me because I never called beer back." Hear, hear, JT. (E! Online)

+ Brush off your Vans, kids, because Blink-182 is back. Their newest single, "Up All Night," will premiere this Friday, July 15. But how's this for a juxtaposition -- lead singer Mark Hoppus posted the news on Google+. (ONTD)

+ Beyoncé's father, Matthew Knowles, claims that he was fired by his daughter after she was lead to believe he was stealing money from her, which is an accusation he denies. No word from Beyoncé on the matter, but you know what we (and Whitney Houston) always say: "I wanna see the receipts." (Neon Limelight)

+ In a new clip from her upcoming E! special, Nicki Minaj reveals how she almost blew her shot with signing to Young Money after she made a bad first impression on Lil Wayne. Call us crazy, but he doesn't seem like someone you want to make a bad first impression on. (ONTD)