Star Spotting: Kelly Osbourne Rocks A Studded Leather Jacket And/Or Deadly Weapon

Credit: IR/Splash News

There are studded jackets and then there are STUDDED JACKETS. Kelly Osbourne was definitely wearing the latter when she was photographed out and about in London earlier today. It takes a brave person to sport pointed metal spikes on their clothing (golf clap for Lady Gaga and The Amazingly Cringe-worthy Studded Thong), but something tells us Kelly's up to the challenge. Her dad (Ozzy Osbourne, doy) once bit off the head of a bat -- we're not gonna eff with that gene pool.

Seriously, though, we know this jacket was probably 5 million dollars (loose approximation), but it was probably a sound investment. From the looks of it, this coat can also be used a deadly weapon, a high-end perforator (for all your office needs), and maybe like, as part of a punk porcupine Halloween costume? Idea factory right here, folks. Hire us for your parties.

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