New Video: Spice Featuring Missy Elliott, 'Fun'

Credit: Atlantic Records

It's shaping up to be a week of welcome comebacks by much-missed artists. First, Lil Wayne pacified his fans with "Tunechi's Back," and now Missy Elliott, who's been taking a break from music while battling Graves' disease, can be heard rapping on a track by Jamaican dancehall star Spice, succinctly titled "Fun." (And don't forget last week's dose of Justin Timberlake.)

According to The Jamaica Star, the remix came as a surprise to Spice, who was stoked and honored the famous femcee would want to rap over her song. "One day my manager played the song for me, and I didn't know about the remix, and when I heard Missy on it, I was over the roof," she told the paper. "Missy ripped it up. The beat is a dancehall beat, it's not trying to be hip-hop and she did well on it."

So once Missy Elliott has remixed your song, why not celebrate by making a video? The new "Fun" video (the song's second one) features Spice and Missy cavorting with friends in a tropical location, splashing in a pool, dancing and generally, well, having fun. A little simplistic? Perhaps. A lot delightful? Most definitely.

+ Watch Spice and Missy Elliott's "Fun" video.