New Song: Demi Lovato, 'Skyscraper'

Credit: PictureGroup

Last week, Demi Lovato tweeted the cover art for her forthcoming tune "Skyscraper," and today we have the actual song. And after what she's been through recently, we had a hunch that Demi's comeback might be a tad emotional. Put this way, if I've ever called another song raw and heart-wrenching (ahem, Joe Jonas' "See No More"), I may have to take it back. I'm not sure anything else can compare to the grittiness of "Skyscraper," and what Demi refers to as "one of the most personal songs [she's] ever recorded."

In the self-empowerment ballad, cowritten by Estonian songstress Kerli, Demi declares, "You can take everything I have/You can break everything I am/ Like I'm made of glass, like I'm made of paper/Go on and try to tear me down/I will be rising from the ground/Like a skyscraper." And adding to the real factor of "Skyscraper," Demi's voice is purposely left raw and unproduced. End result: chills and tears.

If you're looking for bells and whistles, they're not here. Demi Lovato's "Skyscraper" is just a girl alone with and her thoughts, and they might hit you like a ton of bricks.

+ Listen to Demi Lovato's new song "Skyscraper."