New Video: Cee Lo Green Featuring Wiz Khalifa, 'Bright Lights, Bigger City' (Remix)

Credit: WireImage/Film Magic

Wait, didn't the recession put an end to conspicuous consumption? Aren't the days of guys running around in limos with glamorous women drinking champagne over? Apparently, nobody told Cee Lo and Wiz Khalifa, whose latest video, the updated remix to 2010's "Bright Lights, Bigger City," plays like the male counterpart to a Sade video.

Between lauding the glitziness of the city and sneaking in some subtle product placement for the W hotel, Cee Lo lives out his James Bond fantasy, riding around in limos and cavorting with fur-wearing, blindfolded models. And he gets his head shaved with a machete, because he's Cee Lo and he can. Khalifa, for his part, manages to go an entire verse without mentioning his favorite herbal, presumably because eating Funyons and hazily watching 1980s cartoons doesn't exactly fit in with the video's urbane aesthetic.

We're cool with Cee-Lo's flamboyant, neo-Elton John vibe, but the dude can still pull off the black suit/briefcase/sunglasses look better than almost anyone. And Wiz, you're rocking a hoodie? You need to step your sartorial game up when sharing the screen with Mr. Green.

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