PHOTO: Pregnant Victoria Beckham 'Candidly' Sunbathing, NBD

Credit: David Beckham/Facebook

We can't say we necessarily blame David Beckham for posting this intimate shot of wife Victoria to his Facebook page (that has over 12 million fans!!), because if we were married to either one of them, our entire Twitter/Facebook/Tumblr/life would be a virtual photo montage of our hot-ass other half. But still, this snapshot of Posh Spice "candidly" soaking up some sun is pretty sneaky.

According to David, he "took this pic of Victoria while she wasn’t looking." And of course only Victoria Beckham looks like this when she's "not looking" -- posing perfectly model-y as she reclines near some fancy poolside somewhere. Seriously, if David Beckham did just take this pic with his iPhone or something, homeboy needs to start offering his services for weddings and bar mitzvahs. This is some Annie Leibovitz ish for real.

We're just saying we're having a hard time believing this pic of Victoria wasn't at least a little staged. According to our records, the ex-Spice Girl has always been a little bit of a ham:

Credit: WireImage