New Song: Frank Ocean, 'Dreamkilla'

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If you couldn't tell, we're a little bit obsessed with Frank Ocean. Since it dropped, we've been listening to his Nostalgia, Ultra mixtape nonstop. And instead of getting involved with all of the Odd Future drama that's gone down lately, Frank has managed to stay as far removed as possible -- he's been busy in the studio working with the likes of Beyoncé, and the rap world is standing by to hear his influence on the upcoming Jay-Z/Kanye West collabo, Watch The Throne. Dude is blowin' up.

So we were happy when we laid our ears on Frank Ocean's latest, "Dreamkilla," an unreleased track that just leaked from camp Ocean. (There's a pun in there somewhere.) "Dreamkilla" is a dark, midtempo track whose protagonist is a scary villain that consistently reappears in Frank's recurring nightmares. The pulsating, thumping chorus plays perfectly to the idea of running away from the boogeyman and helps to brighten Frank's lyrics as he sings, "I'm running, I'm running as fast as my mind will let me / I'm running, I'm gunning, Dreamkilla's on the hunt for me / I'm running, I'm running won't ever let him get me." Running? Could've fooled me. Frank doesn't sound out of breath at all as his voice is as smooth as steady as ever, kinda like...the ocean.

Hey Frank, if you're still having that bad dream, how about you just call your pal Tyler, The Creator? That green mask of his seems pretty intimidating.

+ Listen To Frank Ocean's "Dreamkilla."

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