Buzz Bites (7/8/11): Alicia Keys To Team Up With Adele? OMFG!

Credit: Getty Images/Splash News

+ Set your ears to "stunned" because vocal powerhouses Alicia Keys and Adele could be teaming up in the very near future. Alicia's husband Swizz Beatz spoke to MTV News about the collabo: "They're fans of each other. So let's make this good for music." This needs to happen, like, yesterday. (MTV News)

+ Just in case you have any questions left for Rebecca Black, the "Friday" singer is accepting questions from fans over at Buzznet. She really wants "random" questions so maybe ask her what she would name a miniature pony if she had one. Just a thought. (Buzznet)

+ Justin Timberlake recently revealed that he likes a girl with a dirty mouth, and now he says his mom walked in on him once doing the deed. "My mom wasn't cool about it. I was too young to be in bed with a girl, so she was upset." Remember when JT was a goody two-shoes? We don't. (E! Online)

+ Hey, Kelly Rowland fans! If you can't wait until its official release date of July 26, Idolator has a preview of the singer's upcoming album Here I Am. Check out three of the songs from the upcoming 10-song EP. (Idolator)

+ Taylor Momsen recently took part in the long-standing tradition of giving a female concert goer a lap dance. Let's just say this one got pretty intimate (read: shirtless). (PopEater)

+ Remember "Walkin' On The Sun" band Smash Mouth? A writer over at Something Awful is offering lead singer Steve Harwell $20 if he can film him eating 24 eggs in a row. Yeah, we have no idea what that's about. (BuzzFeed)

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