PUSH Artist Of The Week: There For Tomorrow

Orlando punk-pop quartet There For Tomorrow have been recording music since 2004, but as our MTV Push Artist of the Week admits, their new album, The Verge, is the first in which the band has shown who they really are. "I don't think we've ever been able to show our true colors until now," says guitarist Christian Climer. "We've always been doing stuff that we thought we needed to do to be successful, when the whole time, all we needed to do was just be ourselves."

The group put out their first album, the self-released Point of Origin, as teenagers in 2004, and they signed to Hopeless Records four years later. While 2009's A Little Faster earned the band a mtvU Woodie Award for Breakout Artist of the Year, The Verge is the clearest distillation of the band's vision and sound, balancing catchy hooks with grinding guitars.

We've got some interviews and live performances below to get you up to speed on There For Tomorrow. In the first few clips, the band discusses why The Verge was an appropriate album title and how the writing process differed on this album from past releases. Then check out live performances of "Get It," "The Joyride" and "Nowhere Blvd," shot at Orlando's Paint It Black Studios earlier this year.

+ Watch more There For Tomorrow videos after the jump:

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