Star Spotting: Is It Weird If We Think Even Hayley Williams' Armpits Are Cute?

Credit: WireImage

Remember those deodorant commercials where people doing everyday activities would raise their hands if they were "sure" (i.e. were not sweating profusely) and keep them down if they were "unsure" (i.e. had major pit stains)? No? Fine, we're totally dating ourselves but regardless, it seems as though Paramore's Hayley Williams practices safe antiperspirant. (Take note, teenage boys.) She also apparently owns a razor, unlike our friend Lady Gaga.

Hayley and Co. performed at Sweden's Putte i Parken music festival yesterday, and once again, the "Monster" singer looked totally adorable doing so. Is it OK that we keep calling Hayley "adorable?" We know she's like, an adult woman that can vote and buy cigarettes and stuff, but we still kind of feel like she's the cool neighbor girl that we want to invite to sleep over and play Mall Madness with us. That's normal, right?