Video Premiere: Taking Back Sunday, 'Faith (When I Let You Down)'

Credit: Phillip Graybill

What do 80 million YouTube views get you in 2011? Is it guaranteed fortune and fame, or delusions of grandeur and ephemeral notoriety? In the new video for "Faith (When I Let You Down)," Taking Back Sunday hilariously explore the dilemmas of internet celebrity through a cat's point of view. (You guys know how we feel about cat videos.)

In the Chris Marrs Piliero-directed clip (Britney Spears' "I Wanna Go" -- eagle-eyed fans will catch a small Britney-related Easter egg), a short film of Taking Back Sunday's cat goes viral, and our feline star ditches the band to go totally Hollywood. He appears on an "Ellen"-like morning show and relishes his newfound stardom. But a series of failed auditions for films like "The Big Meowski" and "Apocalypse Meow" lead to seedier ventures in which other meanings for "cat" are usually employed.

Thus begins the inevitable descent from internet celebrity to internet jerk to the rapid approach of fame's fifth minute. All it takes is one bad day and a hot coffee in a fan's face, and suddenly you're doing lines of catnip and wallowing about what might have been. Luckily, as the song and video prove, your true friends will still be there for you.

"Faith (When I Let You Down)" is the first single off Taking Back Sunday's recently released eponymous album.

+ Watch Taking Back Sunday's "Faith (When I Let You Down)."