Star Spotting: Janet Jackson Goes Glam Goth

Credit: WireImage

Go, Janet Jackson ("Miss Jackson" if you're nasty)! What has she done for us lately? Well, the diva from a veritable DYNASTY of pop rocked out on stage last night at Grand Canal Theatre in Dublin, Ireland, on her "Number Ones: Up Close and Personal" tour decked in glam goth garb. We KNOW -- we didn't think those two things (or words) could ever be combined in the same outfit/sentence, but lo and behold, if anyone can go on that ensemble "Escapade," it's Janet. She's bringing the skulls and the sparkly, and she's bringing it "All For You."

Gleamy golden eye shadow and big crimpin' locks dress up her hot spiky leather S&M style cuff and choker. Skeletal style: Our verdict is that it's totally germane (Jackson) in the current fashion landscape.

What do you guys think? Is Janet in "Control" of her sartorial lifestyle? Do you want to be a part of that "Rhythm Nation"? Most important, how good are we at Janet Jackson song puns? Discuss.