10 Things To Know Now: Beyonce's Triumph, Natalie's Baby's Name, And Reese Witherspoon's Tummy Tat

Credit: FilmMagic and Getty Images

1.) Nicki Minaj's cousin was shot and killed on Monday near his home in Brooklyn's Flatbush neighborhood, and police are still investigating the incident. Our hearts go out to Nicki and her family. (PopEater)

2.) Natalie Portman finally revealed the name of her newborn son: Alef, as in, the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet. It's actually pretty normal, as celebrity baby names go! (The Superficial)

3.) Despite rumors that her label was worried the album didn't have enough "hits," Beyoncé's newly released 4 is debuting at No. 1 in countries all over the world, including the U.S., the U.K., France, Ireland, Spain, Singapore and Taiwan. Disrespect her? No, they won't! (Beyoncé Online)

4.) Reese Witherspoon revealed a sliver of a what looked like a pretty sizable stomach tattoo at the beach the other day, and everyone is fuh-reaking out about it. Chillax, guys! It's not like she went all Mike Tyson on her face. (Popeater)

5.) Lady Gaga stylist Nicola Formichetti is claiming W magazine made up a rather nasty quote from him about refusing to style overweight people, but W is standing by their story. We wanna see the receipts! (Jezebel)

6.) It appears that Sinéad O'Connor grew her hair out while none of us were looking. Is it just me or does hair just kinda look wrong on her? Free O'Connor's head! (Buzzfeed)

7.) Our friends over at Flavorwire published a list of 10 of the "Best Music Videos You've Probably Never Seen," and they're not kidding. We've only seen a couple...what about you guys? (Flavorwire)

8.) Tom Cruise had his face painted like a Thundercat at his 49th birthday party because, you know, he's Tom Cruise. If he had a quiet birthday dinner, that might raise some eyebrows. (BuzzFeed)

9.) Several New York pet stores have instituted a ban on drunk puppy-buying after getting fed up with patrons making impulsive purchases right after happy hour, which they later returned (if the pups were lucky). Never thought we'd say this but don't drink and pet shop, people! (Gawker)

10.) Speaking of adorable puppies, here are some photos of dogs on Jet Skis!!! We said DOGS ON JET SKIS!!!! (Buzzfeed)