New Video: Rick Ross, 'Finals'

Credit: PictureGroup

You have to hand it to Rick Ross: Despite not being Hollywood thin, he sure is comfortable with his body. First he went shirtless on the cover of Vibe magazine, and now he's frolicking au naturel in the video for his new song "Finals." It's just really hot in Miami right now, OK? Let the man air his chest out.

Although "Finals" is a fairly straightforward "rappers bragging about how much money they have" clip ("My money on another level," goes Ross' refrain), the dark lighting and shirtlessness lends the video a gritty, aggressive quality as well. Then again, how badass could a video really be when in the song each rapper is introduced by his Twitter handle?  (Twitter is, by definition, nonthreatening. It's called TWITTER.)

"Finals" is all in good fun, though, and Meek Mill and Gunplay dominate their verses. Watch it and you just might want to take your top off, too.

+ Watch Rick Ross' "Finals" video (language NSFW).